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Originally Posted by kevin2323 View Post
and that is one of the reasons it is last on my top 3 muscle cars.....because of this type of crap....ridiculous I tell you, completely takes away from what a muscle car should be.
If the Mustang were supposed to be a muscle car this might be an issue. The Mustang isn't a muscle car, the Mustang is what it started out as and should always remain, an American GT, a true grand-touring car. That makes the vehicle car less one dimensional than any muscle car could ever hope to be, opening up a market which is far more vast.

In the world of the Mustang you'll see everything from thirty something, professional women in a loaded Mustang convertible to forty hour a weekers taking their weekend toy to the drags to see what she'll do to afluent college grads in a new GT500....the list goes on. And the one thing they all have in common? They all love their car.

If you think the rest of automotive world isn't now and hasn't long been green with envy you are sadly mistaken. A very few truly great cars transcend simpler classifications that limit the vehicle by means of class and/or social strata, the Mustang is on that list.
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