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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Start Here looks like you can just use your same account. Maybe the admin will let you put the donation button in your sig/ and or start a thread.

EDIT: I have web space if we need this hosted off site.
Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
As many of you already know RJ's beloved Kaylee burned to the ground last week, and with all the mods done to it, he is sure to come up short with the insurance company. If you would like to help out, a donation button has been set up on Any help is greatly appreciated...
Thank you Ofer, seriously - thank you.

Originally Posted by FloppyJackson View Post
Post #2 "modding is an endless money pit" You should not take a dime from anyone as you recognize this as your own responsibility and liability. Sorry, but there are people in dire need all over this world, someone blows up their car and it shouldn't be a monetary priority for ANYONE. I am happy you have no injuries and have my sympathy for loosing an awesome car, but that's as far as it goes. You could afford all the mods, you can afford to replace her.
I'm not going to argue that modding is a money pit, and I'm sure no one on this site would argue differently. That's the thing though, I'm not looking to replace Kaylee - I never even considered replacing her, why would I? If I could have this situation play out however I wanted, I'd want it to end with me getting the car that I spent three years pouring my heart, sweat, free weekends, and yes money into back. I'd want my last memory of driving her to not end with me having to scramble out of the driver's seat as flames were coming out from under the hood. I'd want to not get teary eyed whenever I pass a black camaro on the road. But, I can't have those things - and my main crutch for helping me through all of this? You guessed it, Camaro5. Even if no one actually donates anything, the fact that people even offered to makes me feel better.
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