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Heres some earlier in the day.

These ones.. a few months later (later in the day).

They do look a lot darker if you drive for a few days without cleaning them... Almost look like they're supposed to be as dark as they look... But once you clean them you realize how dirty they were...

I don't have any dirty pix as, a dirty car isn't something I'm proud of! First 2 pix were the day I bought it, last few pix were the day I got it back from a fresh detail & GFX install.

Midnight silver does NOT look as dark as it did on the site.
However... it doesn't look as boring in person.. as it does in photo's.

Personally I don't find it to be all that special though. I find all of the stock options to be dissapointing, aside from the 21's.

I agree with the above post that paint chips show pretty badly on it. I curbed my right side wheels a little, and it looks nasty. It's visible enough that a guy driving beside me pointed it out at a stop light after complimenting the car.

That said... I've seen them all in person.. and I still like the midnight silver the best out of the 20" options.
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