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Went to my first HPDE in the 1LE this weekend at Texas World Speedway. Largely a mustang event (I was one of only two Camaros out of 120+ cars and the other was a stock 2011 who was at his first event ever). As a mustang guy (last two cars were a GT500 and Roush 427 Trak Pak) I knew I'd take a ribbing from some of the guys I knew at the event....but that didn't last long. Ran in the solo intermediate/advanced group and was very pleased with the cars performance....especially as a bone stock car with 1500 miles. I was one of the top four cars in our group (the other were a supercharged 2012 Mustang GT on a nice coilover suspension, a Boss Laguna Seca on slicks, and a mid 2000s Viper running Hoosier R6 tires that were as wide as steam rollers). Passed lots of modified mustangs, Boss 302s, GT500s, a few C5 vettes, and a handful of misc. imports. For such a heavy car I was very pleased with the performance. I'll be getting some additional on track pics in the next couple days.

Me and my nemisis in my group (we had fun going back and forth during several sessions)

They got used to seeing me coming up in their mirror and then watching the 1LE's back end after passing them. This is the view I had much of the day.

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