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I finally saw it. I was all giddy with excitement watching the movie. it was great. The only bad critics were the ones that expect academy award winning performances out of every movie made. I got one thing to say to them: This is 30 foot robots fighting eachother and blowing shit up! This isn't f**king Hamlet or Gone with the Wind! Enjoy it and take it for what it is: an ACTION movie. I loved it. It was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Seriously. Everyone who's seen it was in love with the new Camaro. My favorite scene was when Bumblebee switched to the new car. Oh one other thing...HAHA I got it on DVD! The sound quality isn't too good with the loud explosions and it goes blurry every once in awhile but I get to watch it whenever I want!!! I love the black market! I actually watched the new Fantastic Four, Transformers, and the new Die Hard all in one day. Fantastic Four was good, and Die Hard kicked ass! Some of the action in it was pretty far fetched but not Transporter 2 rediculous. It was crazy but somewhat believable. I recommend all three movies for anybody who is in to action flicks. For those who didn't like it, :middlefinger:
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