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Unfortunately yesterday did not go as planned; essentially noting I brought the car in for was resolved.

My GM rep told me to bring the car yesterday saying that everybody that needed to be on board was and that every available resource would be available to get my car correct. Turns out that could not be farther from the truth.

When I arrived I could tell the SM was a bit surprised and far from his normal receptive self. Turns out he had been on vacation the prior 3 days and had no idea I was coming and was not prepared in any way. The GM area Manager that was also supposed to be on call apparently was in meetings all day, unavailable and was of limited help. So this all turned out to be a wasteful day, needleless to say I am not happy!

Here are the issues I brought the car in for and the answers I got:
Squeaking seat: This is the 4th time for the repair. 1st time the seat was adjusted, 2nd time a TSB was found and performed on the track, 3rd time the whole seat was replaced. This time, the GM tech line stated the sound is normal and no repair should be completed. WTF! There is a TSB so obviously there is a problem, so how can this be normal???

Onstar light: 3rd attempt at a repair. 1st time they blamed my radar so I took it off. 2nd time they replaced the mirror. This time, I got the “could not replicate the issue”, mirror is functioning properly. Really, then why do I have a picture from the day before displaying the damn light?

Backup camera issues (symbols not displaying): According to the GM tech line these symbols do not exists, again really. So the pictures I have of other 13’s (friends) that were flashed and the 13’s on the lot with them must just be a mirage? Are you kidding me?

MyLink issues: This I will give them a pass on as I know this is a work in progress but at least I got the problems documents again with then hopes there will eventually be an update.

Paint issue and speedo bezel: I won’t even get into this as I pretty much halted those repairs for now.

So here I am again left with a major decision. I am HIGHLY disappointed with GM at this point; they really dropped the ball on this one. My 1st reaction to the GM rep was to start the buyout process, she was a bit shocked that I said this and somehow by the end of the conversation talked me out of it for the moment. I thought once I slept on it I would feel a bit better but actually today I am more upset. Knowing my issues and complaints how can you send me for repairs and not have every resource available as promised? This makes no sense to me!

As of now I am in limbo, I am so torn on what to do. As much as I love the car, there is no way I will be satisfied with the condition it’s in and apparently there seems to be no fix in sight. All night I was thinking what it would be like to look in the garage and not see a Camaro and it sucked but on the flip side I won’t have the stress of trying to get my issues resolved.

Anyway that’s my rant for the morning; guess I’ll update this once I speak with GM.
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