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Originally Posted by Chevyrocker View Post
Avol2: They definitely do know what they're doing. GM is not as stupid as everyone thinks. They have a plan for building the vehicles, trust me. The fact that dragons dealer did that is not uncommon. Just because some of us placed our orders with our dealers back in October means little to nothing really. GM sends out weekly allocations to each of its thousands of dealers so that every dealer can get cars regardless of how many the pre-sold. If anything, you guys should be mad at your dealers that took your orders knowing damn well they would not be built until June or July. GM did send memos to dealers advising them of how to handle the process and stated that it was up to them whether or not they would pre-sell these vehicles.

GM builds these cars based on placed orders by dealers in accordance with the allocations sent to them. If a dealer has 12 orders and 2 allocations, guess what happens to the other 10...

Again, if a dealer has 0 orders and 12 allocations, he will most definitely have his vehicles faster than the guy with 2 allocations.

It all has to do with dealer performance, location and market.

Sorry if it seems like I'm attacking you, that is not my intention, but when people bad mouth a company when they don't really understand the business, it makes me a little frustrated.
Originally Posted by avol2 View Post
Its all good..

but I am still confused... last month my dealer said they were suppose to get 3 cars in April.. so far they are just now on the list for their 1 LT show car, (and I don't think it has left the plant yet).. my car is #1 order .....they had 9 allocations for orders back in October and sold them all...

Lots of Mustangs in Tacoma, Lots of Dealers in Tacoma... and only 3 show cars coming to Tacoma (to different shops).... its just odd... .. and not worth my frustrations or misunderstandings...

AND I do believe there are issues. With so many of us ordering 6+ months ago, and someone orders last month and get theirs before us.... no matter how you coat it, slice it or dress it up ... it is not fair to the LOYAL been around for a long time customers waiting.. however Chevy wants to sell it, its still not fair............ but alas life isnt fair.... I know......
Originally Posted by Beechdoctor View Post
Priority 1....High profile buyers like Nascar and Hollywood strategy.

Priority 2....Knowing or getting to know someone higher up at GM that can influence the build schedule.

Priority 3....May 6th Dealer showroom cars and unveiling events...again marketing strategy.

Priority 4....Fleet cars like AVIS....still again marketing strategy.

Priority 5....Dealer size and total sales volume generally dictates when sold order cars are sequenced.

With few exceptions, Early orders from October are just sold orders without any special priority unless it is a Top Tier Dealer. GM is betting on tens of thousands of new orders with the May 6 event....dwarfing the October 2008 early orders from us fanatics. This sucks for those of us that ordered from a small dealer on the first day, but thatĺs the way the cookie crumbles.....

By July, this discussion will be a forgotten memory to the masses.
At the end of the day, we can't be too upset. We have to remember that enthusiasts make up a small proportion of car buyers. Not many people are as fascinated as we are with the physics and design components of the automotive industry. It's sad that we have to wait the longest for the cars we want the most, but the ultimate truth is that we do not really profit the companies we support. SureŚwe're more likely to buy car-related apparel, performance parts, and more expensive cars, but we're also a very small market segment that will buy regardless of what they throw at us. We are the guaranteed sales, and they have to go out of their way to get other sales in order to keep catering to us. If we were the only sales, our favorite companies would go the way of DeLorean.
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