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I like my 454 2300 combo,its killer on the street and will give you the number your looking for.You have to build a package for your cubes being carefull to chose the right cr...We have a 402 that makes 835hp at 5200rpm then the tb shut so it will be really close to 900 rwhp when we work the bugs out.This is the car we ran 10.20s about 5-6 years ago and it had a 427......It doesn't really matter to me where its the most efficient,ive never turned a Maggie faster and lost power unless we had belt slip. We usually turn our max builds around 22,000....I have a combo that I think will get me over the 900rwhp mark and it is about stock cubes. I will use a 4.125 bore like a 427 so I can use big ls7 type heads and use a 3.5 inch stroke crank,that way I will have a great piston to pin package....I feel this would get the most power you can get out of the 2300....By the way my 454 2300 makes over 800rwhp on 93 through a 9 inch,you can do it with big cubes or small cubes you just need to understand what to do for your particular build. Good luck if I can help you out give me a call.
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