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Originally Posted by LarkVille View Post
Wow you guys are taking this awfully well considering the general reaction to the ambient lighting issues. I find both issues to be unacceptable and the result of poor decision making. But that's just me.
I do as well. I'm guessing this was another reason for the month delay. However all the unexpected plant shutdowns due to financial reasons probably had a factor in the timing CGM becoming available.

But to me there's some big difference between CGM and ABL. We know what's going on with this. Maybe not the exact timing but we know the reasons and we know the solutions. ABL, however, we don't know squat. They won't tell us what the issues are, if they have a potential fix, if it will be delayed, or if it will ever even be put into the cars. We know CGM will be available and is a relatively simple problem to resolve (just pour different paint into the robot's buckets). ABL, however, is a mechanical/electrical issue and it seems like there's a good chance it won't ever make it into production. All we're left to do is speculate.
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