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Originally Posted by One-Bad-ZL1 View Post
I know this is the 1LE section, but us ZL1 owners are trying to defeat this too.

Mephis - 2 thoughts - see if there is something in there about changing the timing of HSA. If we can set it to Zero, it's effectively off.

There may be some sort of code, much like resetting the Oil Condition Meter where you have to press the accellerator 3 times with the ignition on.

where did you order the manual from?
Like everyone is posting, there doesn't seem to be a way to defeat this yet. I need to look for the wiring diagrams to see if there are isolated outputs for the three axes of rotation. If the output from the sensor is a combined output, it may be hard to negate the pitch signal. The only way that is seems to access the settings for this system would be through the ABS controller. I have zero experience with programming the computers in cars, so if anyone else could comment, that would be great.

The manuals come from Helm Inc. and mine were included in the purchase of the car. I asked the dealer to provide them as part of the deal. I am sure that I paid the $200 somewhere, but they weren't listed. I am going to say the dealer gave them to me!
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