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Disable and delete the annoying vert top clearance net.

8/8/11 This has annoyed me more often than I can count. I am cleaning my car or out driving around and I want to put my top down. I pull off to the side of the road, unlatch the top and nothing happens. The damn safety net thing isn't pulled out! I have to get out of the car pop, the trunk, oh wait, the trunk won't pop unless I latch the top back up! I latch the top, pop the trunk, get out of the car, walk to the trunk, open the trunk, pull out the clearance net, try a couple of times to get both ends in the slots, close the trunk, get back in the car unlatch the to for the second time and now I can FINALLY put my top down!

I hardly ever have anything in my trunk, when I do it is not big enough to poke up past the clearance net, but I have to close the net to put in or pull out whatever goes in the trunk and then pull out the net in case I want to drop the top. It gets real annoying, real quick.

So i decided to find a way to bypass the (I assume it's some type magnetic type) net sensor. I was thinking maybe put a magnet on it or use a resistor to jump the sensor, turns out all you have to do is unplug it! So I unplugged it, used a 10 mm nut driver and pullet the net out. It weight a good 2-3 lbs and taking weight out of my car always puts a smile on my face!

Now i can operate the top with out having to go in the trunk to pull that annoying net out.

Another plus is that it gives yo a couple extra inches if you put something big all the way up against the back of the trunk, which would have been helpful on my trip this last weekend when i shoved some suitcases back there.

Cost of today's mod: Free!
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