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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
To add to that, I can understand why a concept camaro that costs 2 million isn't going to be identical to a 25k production car, but why does the same thing happen to high end cars where the more expensive it is, the more people want it. Even these get watered down.
I don't know the first thing about building a production car. But I can image there is a multitude of lessons learned that the GM Camaro5 team have with all their years of experience building cars.

For example the gas cap. Pretty much all of us agree the cool factor of it being where it is on the concept is well worth it. But maybe GM has learned that even though the purists think is cool the majority of potential owners will just complain about how hard it is to keep dripping gas off the body. Just a scenario. I can imagine plenty of people won't get the coolness of a trick gas cap and just think it is a dumb place to put it because they are lazy and won't be careful with the nozzle.

I have a hard time believing these guys don't put a serious amount of deliberation in the smallest detail of a production car. If it isn't based on lessons learned from the past, I'm sure it is based on keeping cost down.
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