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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I just don't need to use those skills. I'm not losing them

It would be cleaner w/o them...yes. But I think it's sharper with them on. take a look. even on the prototype - they've got little facets that lead right into them from the surface of the fender.....very sharp.
I see your point... but i think I prefer the clean look over the sharp... nevertheless this whole back-up lamps thing has gotten pretty outta proportion on the net eh..... bashing over such a small thing..... like I mean I know I dont really like em..... but the lengths people will go to express there dislike for a small thing, wow, lol.... those autoblogs and stuff.... people filled em with junk ass comments!

In then end I don't really give two toot's about them really.... its the overall things your looking at needs to be right....

its like a hot girl..... she may have beautiful eyes(green to be exact for me), she may be tall and have long legs, nice flowing hair, the nicest rear end, etc... and then just because she has some weird looking toe-fingers.... you wouldn't have sex with her! Bullshit...... same goes for the Camaro.... like cummon guys..... for the minimal amount of money your gunna fork out comapred to rest of the car market your really gunna complain out back-up lamps, lol........

I guess im just ranting cuz after posting about the lamps i saw all the comments on the blogs... i felt guilty of being a whiner and i was like why all the hate man.... show some love people. On that note..... why is there no love for the Mustang on the forums here man, (oh boy i might get trashed for this oneon here, lol)..... I will agree and say the challenger really went to shit with there apparent "new car"..... but I think Mustang actually isn't that bad of a car.... although yes its much more retro, I think Ford did put a decent amount of thought into there car resulting in a decent car...... am I the only one that thinks that, lol (i assume im gunna get alotta yes's).

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