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Originally Posted by dianeokie View Post
Okay, I've been scouring websites to find good choices for us. For the Norwalk date, The hotels the were north of the venue were reasonable, but possibly the wrong direction from the route and next venue. I found 3 hotels in Fremont, OH which is about 30-35 miles west (toward Crown Point). This is what I recommend:

1. Comfort Inn & Suites, Fremont 124.99 plus tax
2. Holiday Inn Express and Suites 139.99 plus tax
3. Hampton Inn & Suites (pricey) 179.99 plus tax

For Wisconsin Dells, seems as if the resorts and hotels all ask for money up front

The Chula Vista resort has 2 different villas if we want to "share" a room.
Studio Villa with 2 beds and a double sleeper sofa for 259.75
Loft Villa with 4 beds and sleeper chair for 315.50

Wisconsin Dells is one of the most difficult places I've ever looked for accommodations. Thing look either run down or very expensive.

The accommodations at the Dells are selling out quickly and we have to pay up front, so if you all can let me know tomorrow we can figure out how to do it.
Regards to Ohio, your choices look good to me (Fremont is where "people come first") so how can we go wrong.

Regards Wisconsin Dells, I am good with whatever everyone else wants to do. How many do we have that wod be interested in sharing the villa?
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