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Originally Posted by 2011 RJT View Post
I'm looking for a controller that has a "breathe" mode,but that you can also pick the color and shade of color to breathe. For example grill lighting. If I want to
choose a dark purple,choose that color and have it breathe. Say an hour later I want another color to breathe,just choose that color and go. Also
have another set of rgb strips in the engine bay,but be able to control the color seperately. Say red breathing in the engine and change to green later,while the grill still does purple Or have the
grill breathe and the engine strobe,in seperate colors. Would your system do this?
Originally Posted by CamaroI View Post
Ditto on this
Ok guys, we went out to take a little bit of video to help answer your question. Sorry for the quality...this was the best we could do in a short amount of time. We show our heartbeat program which is what I think you mean by "breath". As you can see, each light can be controlled separately or together. The purple didn't show up very dark in the video. But any shade that the LED is capable of, we can produce. The grill in my car also looks a little dark. I have a black intercooler which doesn't reflect the light very well. We also show a couple other program types running at the same time on other channels. The strobes didn't turn out on video due to the frame rate of the camera. goes...
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