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Originally Posted by Xmicro_SS View Post
Here we go again....... .

And try 4.7 0-60 on the SS. That edmunds is inaccurate. And for $20+K more the GT500 better win. But, for less than $10K the Camaro will slam that wagon hard!
You can't reduce the SS to 4.7 if you don't then allow the GT500 to be reduced too. If the Edmunds drivers suck and can only get a 5.0 in the SS then they will suck on the GT500 too and "only" get a 4.3.

I really doubt that they dogged the SS on purpose and pushed the GT500 to its limits. It was probably the same driver for both

The fact is that the camaro just isn't as fast stock for stock with that car. But the GT500 needs to be compared to the Vette not the camaro
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