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i need help chosing the right t converter....

my L99 car, has a maggie, ARH, corsa, BAP, ADM intake, and is a low miles driven daily car which sees some track time. on track days. i slap on the 3.4 and run vp 109. being in canada, i need to be concerned about overly low winter temps if i run a separate cooler. a thermostatically controlled bypass to run thru the cars rad would be sweet, but likely costly and may be dificult to execute. ive looked at yanks, but i cant help but feel 3200 is too much stall. of coarse, i would want a TC that is uber efficient. unsure of what STR would be appropriate as well. i have HPT if i need to tweak the tcc applies, etc, so that is a non-issue. future mods may include 3.73 and maybe a 75 wet shot to help the burn.

any suggs?
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