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I would have one built between 2400-2800. I would also not touch the gears. SuperchargedSS just did a 10.5. I think he dropped his times by half a second with the onlymod being the convertor over his previous best. He has a untouched drivetrain and motor with a maggie,pulley upgrade, LT headers,full exhaust,methanol injection, and cai with tune. 10.5 with those mods was pretty impressive in my book and getting a half second reduction in ET with only a converter is equally impressive. Did I mention that it was a tiny 2600? Like I said, get one between 2400-2800. PD supercharger cars dont need big stalls or gears because they have instant torque and almost full boost below 3000 rpm. I would look at the Vigilante, Yank, pro torque, and Circle D convertors. Also dont listen to anyone who says you need a bigger stall than 2800 or rear gears.
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