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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I think we may be a bit off track here The Z/28 is not designed for the drag strip. It will do well on an autocross. What the Z/28 is designed to do is run laps. Lots of laps. Consistent laps. Mark Stielow is a renowned Pro-Touring / Show Car builder and a multiple OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Champion. His Mayhem Pro-Touring Camaro feature a Brian Thompson built 850 RWHP. This guy is a hard core car guy.

Mark's day job is engineering at GM. For the last two years Mark has been working on the Z/28. His credentials are second to none. Hand Mark a pile of tubing, sheet-metal and go fast parts and he'll build you a Pro-Touring car in his home garage. Combine Mark's skills with the resources at GM, the Camaro TEAM and you get a Z/28 but for the road course or eXtreme daily driver. It is a fully engineered track car in the spirit of the current Porsche GT3 that weighs in at 3,318 and retails for $134,000.

Can you build a Z/28 like Camaro? Of course and we have since the release back in 2009. Can you build them cheaper is the real question. Everything on the Z/28 has been validated to meet OEM standards for durability and warranty. That sets the bar pretty high. What I know is that a set of 19x11 light weight racing wheels retail for $4,700. Club Sport Brembo GTR Brakes are $20K. Dry sump systems aren't cheap and so on. Chevrolet has yet to release pricing so we'll have to wait and see what a road course Camaro with a factory warranty sells for.
I appretiate ur knows with all due respect. I was more on the been there done that point of view as far as modding the ss. My thoughts is doing something different in a bad ass car which i could care less about how much it would cost. I know what Im working with as far as this z/28. We all know several factory parts are going on the shelf as far as modding the z/28. The bank ain't no issue for me, and most of the parts bieng swapped are already here . We're just wiring for the z/28.
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