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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Yea this was my first time at a drag strip, so I had no clue on take offs untill my 4th pass. I am gonna practice more here at the zmax drag strip.
I knew someone was going to bring that up though.... it's not enough that the challengers were getting raped but a Z06 too? No way someone is not gonna talk about that!

It's all fun. I know this car in stock trim has another second left on the table but getting it to 60ft. right WITHOUT having the temps way up is tricky. I wanted to get as many runs in but my temps were just too high to get a good, solid pass. I missed 3rd twice in a row and at that point my mph kept dropping.

my final two passed of the night was when I was figuring it all out but at that point I literally had no more tire left. Gotta bring the DR's next time as this car just eats up the street tires!
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