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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
Can you tell me a few things about the shirts.

1)Are the tails kind of short or are they running long (so when they are washed they tend to be a bit short)??

I don't want to get say an XL and have it end up looking like a Large, barely making it below my belt.....

2)Are the sleeves typically short or do they more half length close to elbows?

3) THANKS for getting these!

Can you see the pic above?

First, I haven't seen the shirt in my I can't answer definitively.

But, it looks to be the same as all the other shirts that Ralph White makes. I can say they don't use crap shirts. They take pride in what they make...good quality stuff.

Length, according to pix, appears to be the same as that of the Night Out shirt and others. Which, to me, means that it won't shrink up to my waist.

Sleeves appear to be mid length.

But the most important factor in all of this, as we all know, is how we wash and dry our clothes. If you wash with hot water and dry with high heat, just about anything is going to shrink. it over and over and it's bound to happen. Just wash and dry according to the tag directions and I'm sure it'll be fine.

Sorry I can't be more specific. All I can say is to look at the pic above and go off of that.
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