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According to the Camaro marketing director. The dealers actually have the best idea when the car may come in. Also, he said that after the car is built it typically takes 14 days to be loaded on/off rail lines and transported by truck to your dealer. With that said, I really don't think anyone knows for sure when a Camaro will arrive. My neighbor pre-ordered a new Stang the first year of the retro body style. He waited 12 weeks from the order date. I hope I have similar results. When he ordered they were already making the cars. I know many people here ordered in OCT/09 well before cars were being produced. I think those who ordered before production began will in general, have the longest wait times overall. Wait and see is the only thing we can do. I need my ride for the simple fact I'm on two wheels after selling my Gen 4 recently. Let's go GM!!!!
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