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Originally Posted by Ulises_ss View Post
To prove that your car works you should film yourself doing some smokey ass donuts.
You guys hear; eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttssscccreeeeeettttchhhhh

I hear; chaching, chaching, chaching
Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post

I need a Camaro already!

Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
The permagrin was from the car, right? or did the Mrs. buy you some Crown Royal?
I'm a gin and tonic guy.

But now that the car is right, I'm a guy with nothing to keep permagrin off my face. lol

Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
Congrats Randy and Scott. Is there really any risk to pulling these fuses? Not really sure if I have a fast A6, never really timed it.
As far as risk, I don't know. But I had to try it.

Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
From what I can tell, the fuse panel is on the passenger's side strut tower, on the front. Pull the panel cover, and there you go.
Yup. That's it.

Originally Posted by brandotron View Post
Congrats bro! When is the rematch with your old lady?
She said she's retiring on top.
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