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Unfortunately, we aren't going to get to see CGM, and SW on Camaros in time. Your best bet for Cyber Gray is to go look at a Corvette, and white...well -- look at any white car, I guess. This survey will only be active for 6 days, and there's no way we'll get pics of those two colors on production Camaros in time. Sorry. :(

Remember, too -- that this is not telling them to take any action. They are simply looking for consumer input among enthusiasts; so it's not that big a deal if you haven't seen the exact colors on a Camaro...guess. There's still 8 other colors you can help out with!

  • Black==============>2
  • Summit White========>1
  • Rally Yellow==========>4
  • Victory Red==========>6
  • Cyber Gray Metallic====>9
  • Silver Ice Metallic=====>10
  • Inferno Orange Metallic=>3
  • Red Jewel Metallic=====>5
  • Aqua Blue Metallic=====>7
  • Imperial Blue Metallic===>8
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