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Originally Posted by Pinky View Post
Just starting to get a little worried. I've been at a 4B00 status since 3/3/11. On the GM Connects website the status said "Shippable" until about 3 days ago and it now says "OnHold". There is also something that says "Just fixing some things, please be patient thanks! GM Connects Team"

Should I be worried?
Originally Posted by Pinky View Post
Siiiiggghhh... I asked a simple question. Maybe I'm not the one who needs to chill out!
#1... you made it bold with the mad face... NOT a simple question.

#2... youre freaking out over nothing saying you want your car NOW!!!! Just relax. A few more days or even weeks wont kill ya.

#3... I am totally chill... I have MY car! LOL!
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