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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
Wow, you all need to CHILL OUT. You will get your cars. Just pipe down. Let them fix whats wrong. God knows they dont want to send you a car that has something wrong then have to listen to you bitch about that. Face it, you bought one of the frist ones. Now you have to deal with them working out the bugs. Dont be so damn impatient.

Oh and for what its worth, some of the early coupe orders had to wait MONTHS in QC. You arent going to get much love from anyone since you've been waiting... what 8 days?
Dude I agree that they need to show some patience, albeit it IS extremely hard, but do ya have to be so harsh . You should show a little compassion, they are just excited about their cars, it's just like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive!!
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