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Thumbs up NorCal Meet + Professional Videoshoot

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE.

UPDATE 10/17/11:

The Full Video is up and ready to be viewed! :-D

Features past generations thanks to wonderful people with the Camaro Generations Club!
You can also click the image below!

Teaser Trailer :

Articles so far :
Camaro Video That Makes You Want to Buy Popcorn and Watch a 2 Hour Camaro Movie

A celebration of the Chevrolet Camaro and its heritage with ten 2010/2011 Camaro’s featured including one of each past generation.

Every once and a while a fan video will surface that is so good it leaves one with a feeling that you want to watch more videos just like it. This is certainly the case with this Camaro tribute video produced by the team over at X7Productions.Camaro : Heritage - a celebration of the Chevrolet Camaro and its heritage with ten 2010/2011 Camaro's featured including one of each past generation.

Even if the soundtrack and feel of the video seems a bit like it was taken from a personal stash in Michael Bay's house, it still pumps me up more than a Rocky movie and would send me to the theater to watch a movie about Camaro's for two hours instead of watching giant robots duke it out to determine the fate of earth for the umpteenth time.

Video: Camaro5 Members Celebrate Camaro’s “Heritage” with Video
The Norcal members of Camaro5 teamed up to film this pretty impressive piece of automotive Cinema, paying homage to the rich heritage of the Camaro. In the original thread on Camaro5, the idea was put out that the group should get together and do something a little bit different from the typical car meet and photo shoot that are typical of groups all across the country, and they decided to do a movie trailer style video featuring their cars. We must say, as Camaro lovers ourselves, we find the final product to be pretty spectacular.

The video opens on a singular Camaro coming to a stop a designated meeting spot, as he waits for the others to arrive. “One Car” becomes “One Family” as several other 5th Gens arrive, while the intense thematic music by Steve Jablonsky from the Transformers 3 soundtrack sets the tone. The mood shifts just a bit, about half way through the 7 minute video as the focus changes to the Camaro’s “Five Generations of History.” The production crew of this video was able to round up a Camaro from each of the 5 generations for a very impressive video montage of the Camaro’s rich history, honoring each generation of the iconic Chevy. In the final shots of the heritage montage, a red 35th anniversary 4th Gen passes a new 5th gen, as a symbolic meeting of the old and new, and the final message in the closing moments of the video reads, “One Love. One Car. Only One Camaro.”

The video was written and directed by Neil Karunatilaka, of x7productions.
Camaro Tribute Video Is Awesome
Die-hard fans of Chevy Camaro from Camaro5 forums decided to pay homage to their favoritest car in the world and celebrate its heritage. So they set up a meeting with 10 Camaros and create this amazing video, which is way cooler than any commercial film GM could make for the car.

Besides the cars and the location, filming techniques and equipments are also top-notch. This is superb work for a fan project. To be honest I don’t really like the Camaro in the real world, but after watching this there is no other car club I wanna be a member of more than the Camaro club! I don’t think AMG fans could be bothered to do such a thing. They are mostly fat, boring businessmen…
If you thought the Transformers movie franchise did wonders for the Chevrolet Camaro’s marketing appeal, then you best be ready to watch this video because it’s going to blow you away.

We don’t mean that as a kind of hyperbole because that would do a disservice to the people behind this production. The video, which is titled ’Camaro: Heritage’ was made as a collaboration between Camaro5 and Camaro Generations members, to showcase a tribute of sorts for the Camaro heritage.

Over 10 current generation Camaros were featured in the video, as well as one of each past generation Camaro, in what can only be described as one of the most masterful and well-executed non-commercial fan projects we’ve ever seen.

We say that without a hint of exaggeration because this video is better than the hype we’re giving it. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not a fan of the Camaro. There’s actually a good chance that if you’re not, all you need to do is watch this video to turn into one.

UPDATE 8/1/11 :

Here are a quick couple of screengrabs. Stay tuned for the final cut of the video within the next week or two.

Please keep in mind, these screengrabs are from an early cut, there have not been any color corrections yet.

Also, for the end credits scene, please PM me with your name if you would like recognition. This is purely optional, but I feel for the time you took out of your day, you should get your name in the credits!



Hey guys,

It's about time for me to be trading in the Camaro soon and moving on to my next car :( Anyways, before that happens, I was curious who would be interested in meeting up in NorCal, maybe in Sacramento or the Bay Area, and instead of the typical meet up photoshoots we see on C5, we do a videoshoot. Could even been seen as a commercial for the C5 website.

So initial idea I had was one of these two song playing in the background (both are from Transformers 3, which is fitting with the Camaro and all)

Opening Scene –
One singular Camaro driving on the road (cut angles, different shots)

Text like in Transformers Trailers with Lens Flares “One Car.”

Hit about the 30sec mark in either song above, the Camaro pulls over somewhere. Close up side shot of the door opening, guy exits car slowly holding something. Walks over to a railing or something overlooking the horizon/landscape. Panning shot showing the horizon/landscape, guy holds out what he was holding, a red smoke flare, ignites smoke flare, slow motion him signaling with it. (begin at 50sec mark in 2nd song)

Scene 2 –
Cuts to a shot of the roadway/freeway, we see in the distance a car coming into focus, blurred out like a mirage. Then a couple more cars behind that, then a few more behind that (at about a little after the 1min mark in the song). As they come into focus we see they are all Camaros (1:30-1:45 ish in song). From the parked Camaro, one of the windows is slightly lowered, we see a womans arm out of the window moving her arm/hand doing the wave, kinda moving with the air, in the background we see slowly one at a time entire the parking lot / area where the parked Camaro is. Sweeping shot of all the Camaros parking.

Text like in Transformers Trailers with Lens Flares “One Family.”

The drivers exit their vehicles and approach the one that called them their. Something is being told to them. Sliding pan shot of the group conversing. They all get back in their Camaros. The engines are starting up, the convoy begins to rollout on the street / freeway.

Text like in Transformers Trailers with Lens Flares “An American Legend, Redefined”

Close up shot of the Chevy Emblem (preferably an unaltered Gold Stock one on the front grill)

Scene 3 –
Different shots/angles of the Camaros driving on the freeway/roads.

Text like in Transformers Trailers with Lens Flares “Five Generations of History”

Either use existing footage of C5 Members older Camaros, or just use stock footage Continue with the different Camaros, showing each one individually or parked nicely.

Cut to black.

Text like in Transformers Trailers with Lens Flares “One Car. Only One Camaro.”



Anyways, that was the concept idea I had in mind. I'm pretty sure if I can get a good turnout of members to show up, we could do this in about 3-4 hours, and it would turn out really good. Think Transformers style Cinematography, lens flares, very cinematic style.

If anyone is interested, please reply here and let me know. I'm thinking 10 C5s is the sweet spot, not too many, not too little, but we can work stuff out.

Possibly the weekend of the 30th, maybe a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Check out some previous work of mine :


Interested in Attending for proposed 30th or 31st shoot; location most likely bay area.
1) x7productions
2) cyberLS
3) Mickmunster
4) Mindz
5) Cole Trickle
6) 2010rod
7) pyr0b0y
8) iom ls/ Phoenix
9) Riddikulus5Gen
10) Redemption

Secondary List
11) urr2slo

** If there are more than 10 that want in, you are more than welcome to attend, I'm just not promising I will be able to get your Camaros a lot of camera time, if at all, but I will try my best. Group scenes/shots I will most likely be able to get you in
Watch Camaro : Heritage - Featuring over ten Camaro5 Members' 2010/2011 Camaros!

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