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Onstar Service and XM Radio

I had some spare time today so I figured I gather some information about these services and their cost. I know Onstar comes with one free year and XM 3 months, but this is about their regular rates/offers.

Onstar has the safe and sound plan 19$ and the directions and connections 29$. Safe and Sound includes the vehicle locator/recovery and stolen vehicle slowdown feature. The directions and connections plan has the turn by turn Nav.

Anyhow I contacted my insurance provider (allstate) and asked about any discount for having Onstar and its vehicle recovery/locator/slowdown they stated 15% discount on the premium for my area. Now of course I asked if it was off their total premium and they said yes, assuming that's right and there are no surprises later when I submit my policy.

This means depending on the area of the country and the person, a policy for 100 dollars a month would be 85 instead.

Now if you have 2 vehicles on your onstar account you get 50% off your second vehicle so your rate is roughly 20$ for the first and 10$ for the second for a total of 30$. As per Onstar customer service. That said if your premium was 200 for 2 vehicles X 15% that would be 30$ off essentially paying for itself.

As far as the Navigation plan that would mean 10$ for 1 vehicle and 15$ for 2 total cost. Not bad at all for what you get.

As far as XM goes its 13 for 1 account and the second is 9 dollars more.

If you add these services and include insurance discounts like in my case that's 23 dollars for 1 vehicle and 37 for 2 not bad price to have all you bells and whistle gizmo's working on your vehicle.

Also these prices are pre tax if any.

Now please I encourage you do what I did and learn how it would work with your insurance and please post you experience and responses. I'm not saying this is what is going to be your case but I like to know what most people out there would be paying. Also it would verify the information I gathered from Onstar XM and my insurance. Good luck .

PS those prices are also whithout any prepayment discount so technically it can be much cheaper.

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