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So I drove out there this morning, just on the off chance someone showed up, about 5 minutes after I got there (parked in BFE), which, btw was an awesome experience getting there. Apparently navigation just wants to drop you off in the middle of US/29 N.

So After I finally found the location and sat there, and elderly gentleman (I'd say mid to late 70's) in what looked like a Camry parks two spots down from me... I thought it was odd but paid no attention. After I left he followed me out which I thought was creepy, until I realized he may have been a spectator, waiting for other cars to show and when I left, realized no one was coming.

So after about 15 minutes I look over and see a little paparazzi, so I snagged a picture of him as well

What came next is what I really wish I had captured. So I decided to give him a little treat and rev the engine. Apparently he was NOT expecting this as he jumped and nearly hit his head on the ceiling, lol. Then he turned to look at his mom as if he was worried he'd done something wrong. I rolled down the window and gave him a wave.
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