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Originally Posted by Roger Stattel View Post
Well I've gone through everything myself along with the alignment shop also going through all the bolts to re time them. Sloppy meaning, on hard acceleration the rear end gets more fishy than before. Some friends of mine who are into drag racing say that it is due to the fact that it can't squat due to how stiff the coils are.
That could certainly be part of the problem, maybe try reducing your compression setting to allow easier compression of the rear coilovers. Also, I'm not sure what the camber settings are on Pedder's aggressive street alignment specs, but extreme negative camber settings will have a negative effect on your ability to launch hard in a straight line. It's great for the "twisties", but for maximum straight line performance and traction, the typical negative camber settings found in most "aggressive" alignment specs are NOT to your benefit. This is why most drag racers try to have as close to "0" degrees rear camber, which puts the largest tire patch possible in contact with the pavement!!! If you're looking for hard launch capability, maybe try to find a happy medium in your rear camber settings.
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