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Originally Posted by Roger Stattel View Post
Yes I made sure to specify that at the alignment shop. I'm pretty positive it's between the camber and the stiffer coils which allow virtually no squat.
If there's movement in the cradle or the Toe is off, it will get squirrelly on hard acceleration. Rear would get unstable and move side to side. I have XAs, all bushing replacements on rear, and trailing/toe arms. I've run 0* to -1* rear camber and various toe. Only time it got squirrely was the eccentric was stripped and alignment would drift due to movement. One side toe was really off. Rears are 20x11.5 running 295/35 to 315/35 sizes.

Took it back to shop and had to replace eccentric. Only problem with my auto-x setup is weight transfer is dampened with the stiffer springs. Front doesn't nose dive and rear doesn't squat like stock spring rates. I have a KB and never could hook 20" street tires, just spins. Not a good setup for drag. You may be able to find 6kg springs for the rear if you drag. I believe XA stock is 8kg fr, 10 kg, rear.

I would get the back timed and alignment checked by a reputable shop if the rear is unstable on hard acceleration.
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