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Last several years i went over to bikes and there wasn't a single car I really wanted after the '06 M3 Convertible. All seemed too boring, too refined or too juvy. Got to be a moto snob. There were a couple cars (no names mentioned) that were mildly interesting but they had become symbols of male menopause.

My '13 SS convertible has changed my mind, what a fun car. Part of the charm is it is not overly refined, it has a certain raw edge, very American.

I think there is little doubt it will be on the best ever list with the 63 E Type, '65 Special High Performance Corvette Coupe, the M3, and, of all things, my Diesel 4X4 Excursion.

I still have two Busas and an R1. Maybe that makes me "Bi".

Anyway what a great car this SS Camaro 'Vert is.
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