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Originally Posted by coolman View Post
I would say that comparison is right on. Sorry , but that's the way I feel.

There were a lot of great QB's that didn't win the big game and because of that they are just a little under the great ones that did. And What I'm talking about is comparing the greats to the greats. Some went all the way and some came up short. No different than Nascar. Some won races put couldn't get it completely done so they are just a little less than the ones that did.

Tell me, what's the goal in playing football? To have great stats or to win the superbowl. Just like nascar is all about winning a championship, football is about winning the superbowl. If you never get it done then your just another stat.
The question is not what the goal is, but what is needed to achieve it.

Lets say for discussion purposes, that Joe Montana was the best QB to ever play the game.

Now you put him the Lions or the Bills...

How many Superbowls does he win? Is he any less of a Quarterback because his team doesn't have what it takes to win a Superbowl?

Are the Saints RB's any greater than Barry Sanders because they have more rings?

No of course not, that would be a ridiculous assumption.

QB's often get too much blame for games going the wrong way, and too much credit when all they do is manage the game. The Colts loose, its because Peyton can't win the big game. Not because the Colts Defense couldn't keep the Saint's off the field, not because Reggie Wayne dropped a pass in the enzone on 4th and goal, but because Peyton didn't have what it takes. Ridiculous.

How bout a couple years ago with Eli Manning, he plays on a team (much like Terry Bradshaw did) dominated by their Defense and running game, all he had to do was manage the game and make sure they moved the chains on 3rd down... So he did. They rode them all the way to the superbowl, and now he is an elite QB because he has a ring? Yea right.

My roomate in college was the biggest steeler fan of all time, and he would be the first to tell you Bradshaw was a top 10 QB at best.

And for the record Racecar driving is a poor example because it is not a team sport in the same sense that Football, Baseball, Hockey, etc...
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