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Camaro vs House?

(Jump to to skip the boring stuff.)

I was reading insideac's thread where he's trying to decide between a Camaro or going to school. The Camaro5 community has been extremely helpful and supportive so it got me thinking. First, insideac, go to school!

Second, I live in an apartment.....and I like it. I'm single and don't plan on getting married any time soon. I like being single. I have a nice ~8 year old car which I love and is in perfect condition. In fact, my parents have offered to buy it off me for 10K because they know the condition it's in and has very low millage. I'm mean, come on, that's a great deal! I can't pass that up. But I don't HAVE to get a new car. My current car is perfectly fine. I was also brought up to basically run your car to the ground before buying a new one. Not sure I agree with that.

Anyway, I'm told maintaining a house is a lot of responsibility. If your A/C goes get ready to spend some money. Need new roof? Money. Need to repaint, new carpet, fix the garage door or whatever. Honestly I don't want to deal with maintenance. Basically, I'm lazy...I admit. I don't want to mow a lawn. I like being able to call the fix-it man to take care of a problem in less than 30 hassles. It's easy as ordering pizza except you don't have to tip. I'm also in a similar situation as insideac in that I have a nice savings. That would be, I'm embarrassed to say, because I chose to live at home probably longer than I should have. :( It's because of that, though, I was able to put some money away. In fact I could buy a Camaro in cash and still have a little bit left over...not a great amount but some.

*For those that don't like a long read start below*

My plan is to get a Camaro and stay in an apartment for another year or two and then look for a house. I will have a small amount of money to put down on a house later but obviously not as much as I would have if I had not purchased the Camaro in cash. I know the responsible thing to do is save my money and start looking for a house so I can put a nice down payment. I know by living in an apartment I'm "pissing my money away" as people in my office so kindly remind me. But I may never be in a situation like this again. I'm single. I have no debts. I could actually buy my own dream car and have no payments. How many people can say that? What would you do? I know there's no clear answer but any advice would be helpful. I just don't want to find out buying a fancy car before a house was the stupid thing to do.

Oh, I would be getting the 2LT RS instead of the SS. I figure I won't be racing this thing and the V6 has more than enough power for me. I rented from AVIS so I know. That'll save me, what, 7k? That's pretty responsible, ain't it? I keep telling my self that anyway.

(Sorry for all this "lifey" stuff. I wish I had more experience in it. My parents just say it's cool either way. I was hoping for a bit more wisdom. I just don't want to be screwing my self in the long run.)
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