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OK... here's the beef! LOL! Sorry for the quality. Best I could do in the waning light.

The tires are about 1.7" shorter at 26.7" on the ground. Front is 0.1" taller though it looks like more. The difference in size does change the speedo.

VS my GPS, stock was :
ind 70=68
after the tire change:
ind 70=65

Roughly translated, that equals a gearing change to a 3.42...

I need to finish scrubbing the tires in but, initial impressions are positive! They are quieter than the PZeros and they seem to track better with my alignment specs. They are also quite a bit lighter.

Unsprung Weight savings are very good!
Front OE = 30.3 TSW = 24.0
Rear OE = 32.0 TSW = 24.5
Front PZero = 32.0 V12s = 27.0
Rear PZero = 36.0 V12s = 31.0
Savings :
Front = 22.6 LBS
Rear = 25.0 LBS

Total savings = 47.6 LBS!

And a couple more pics:

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