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A few things to keep in mind.

#1. up until a few months ago people couldn't even get a camaro in some places so why waste money on excessive advertising.
#2. There are still 2010 mustangs sitting on lots with deep discounts.
#3. Just because the Mustang is selling a few more doesn't mean the end. Wait till next month and you'll see things level off.
#4. The Camaro doesn't have a Convertible or the Z28. Ford has a Vert (and 2010's with heavy discounts) and the GT500. People that buy convertibles are buying them now and they are getting good deals from Ford.
#5. Who cares that Ford sells more. Whats important is that GM is making a great product that people love and they are selling lots of them. The 2002 camaro sold only 32,000 camaros the 2010 did that in 4 months I don't think it's time to worry yet.

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