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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Ok went to your link:

•EcoBoost uses gasoline turbocharged direct-injection technology for up to 20 percent better fuel economy, 15 percent fewer CO2 emissions and superior driving performance versus larger displacement engines.

•Ford Explorer America concept at the North American International Auto Show showcases EcoBoost combined with other sustainability actions; together, they deliver a 20-30 percent increase in fuel economy, depending on engine selection, versus today’s mid-size utilities.

Bullet 1, up to 20% higher when compared to larger displacement engines. This means the Turbo DI engine get 20% better than a larger engine, not 20% higher than an engine of equal size no DI. This marketing claim was the same one Buick made back in the 80's.

Bullet 2, this just means with mass reduction, aero, lower rolling reistence tires, etc, etc, that they can get up 20 to 30% better MPG with and Ecoboost engine.

And in neither case does it suggest DI alone is worth 20%.

But I agree, back to this mythical car you are talking about.............
Sorry, I had to double check all my info I posted, I was in PK mode. The link I posted did say that it was 20% better than a larger displacement engine but, I personally compared the non-ecoboost engines with the ecoboost engines and there is a solid 15% increase on each engine. That is roughly 4.5mpg increase but as I said, there are other technologies at work here.
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