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Originally Posted by CyberPunk223 View Post
yes, panasonic does make Hid's, they make them for toyota & lexus, and and they even sell them on the website you listed. I'm not spending a $1000 I dont have on projectors because there's no reason to, plus i hate they way they look anyway.

I just dont want to spend $250 for a good kit and then have problems with them. Does this spring switch mod disable the headlights turning on for the vechicle exit and entry too?
270 bucks for a full retrofit. Or you can be a dick and blind everyone on the road and ruin your light output and have to hack up your car to get them to work. And they will be illegal as well. You hate how projectors look?? Seriously?? Obviously you didn't look at that website. Because even a ls460 retrofit would be around 700. And you don't get better than that. And denso makes ballasts for Toyota and Lexus. Not Panasonic. Do some more research.

Also there is a huge reason to have projectors. You need them when you put aftermarket HID in a car.

And yea. The spring mod will stop the headlights from turning on until you use the switch to turn them on.
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