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I noticed that if you turn the switch to the auto posistion it's still turning on the automatic lights. Also if you have the lights on and turn them to the off posistion the parking lights stay on and the warning chime sound even when you exit the car and lock the doors, you have to cycle the switch back to the auto posistion and back off again to get the parking lights to turn off.

For anyone wondering what's inside the switch, first of all the knob comes off when you remove the back. There are 4 tabs that align to orientate the knob on the switch. there is a dot on the knob that indicates it's posistion, this should line up with the automatic mode as it was when you started. The spring is the coiled steel piece around the knob. I only cut the last 1/4" off, I probably should have cut more of the spring off, I tried removing the whole thing in 1 piece but it wouldnt come off.

Then this light piece may fall of on you like it did me, it took a few minutes to figure out how it went back on

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