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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
Didn't we have this "discussion" before???
We totally did.

My point is, unless you're winning, or consistently challenging for wins, you're pretty much thought of as a "back marker", "mid pack", "also ran", etc., and therefore not very prominent in the minds of fans or sponsors.
Some fans and some sponsors. If winning were everything, two thirds of any given racing series wouldn't be it is, you can find rabid fans of Virgin F1 and Milka Duno, sometimes in decent numbers.

And they really ARE back markers!

You can't avoid the fact that a major reason she is even relevent still, are her looks, and basing that against her on track performance, her looks are a bigger asset to her and sponsors than what she does on the track.
I will agree that part of the reason for her popularity is that she's hot.

I won't agree that without that she 'wouldn't be relevant'...because it's not backed up by fact. She's been in the IRL season-end top ten for most of the years she's been racing (she might be this year, too, though she's only got two races to make it happen so I doubt it) and occasionally pulls out some damn fine results.

That would make her "relevant" if she looked like Kurt Busch. She just wouldn't have as many horny male fans or be doing shower commercials.

There are a few drivers, who get more recognition from their name, looks, and fan popularity than what they do on the track, ie; Dale Jr., and Danica is another fine example.
Sure. But that doesn't make them bad drivers.

If it did, thanks to his popularity with certain middle-aged, female, Dancing With the Stars fans (sorry, Mom), Helio Castroneves would never win another race.

As for the new car in 2012, and it improving her performance, I wouldn't bet on it.
I don't think it'll improve her performance. I don't think it'll improve anyone's performance.

I do think it's possible that having a season or two before all the potential is squeezed out of the new chassis will reduce Penske or CG's dominance somewhat and allow some of the other drivers a chance to show what they can do when the machinery is on a more even playing field.

Marco Andretti would've had a win or two this year, had his car been equal to a Penske. Same with Danica at Texas, Tony Kanaan on Lord-knows how many occasions.

Note I said possible. I don't actually think it's all that likely. But ya' know, I can dream.
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