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[ NOT a poll ] What will the 'base' Z28 price be?

The concept of a Z28 with a 550-ish HP \ TQ version of the CTS-v’s LSA motor intrigues me. If available with a 6L90 automatic trans.

A base 2010 Camaro V8 \ 1SS is $31,595 – including destination.

A 2009 base CTS-v
[ I choose the 2009 here, because the 2010 is essentially unchanged, except for a bump in MSRP – exactly reflecting the fact that the navigation system becomes standard for 2010 ]
started at $59K, including destination.

A 2009 CTS with equipment comparable to a CTS-v is close to $50K. Thus, the ‘bump’ to CTS-v equipment [ motor & trans upgrades, wheels & tires, brakes, interior trim upgrades, MagRide suspension upgrade, etc ] is a bit less than $10K.

So – assuming that:
One - a navigation system is not standard on the Z28
Two – the six speed manual trans is standard
Three – the Z28 equipment level
[ interior, wheels, tires, brakes, etc. ]
is roughly comparable to a 2SS, priced @ approx. $34K
Four – the ‘other’ Camaro prices are not significantly higher in late 2011, when the Z28 actually arrives – roughly 2 years from now.

I expect that the mechanical upgrades, outside the motor & trans., will be somewhat less dramatic [ and costly ] than the equivalent upgrades between CTS & CTS-v. The MagRide, for example, is expensive & I believe unlikely to be in a Z28. The base CTS was aimed more at luxury & comfort than performance – where the Camaro is the reverse.

I therefore [ fearlessly ] predict that a ‘base’ Z28, with LSA derived S/C motor & 6 speed manual trans, will have an MSRP between $40K and $42K.

Perhaps as much as $43K, if there is some general GM \ Camaro price rise over that time period.

And an aggressive base MSRP would be $39,995.

The way I would order one = with 6L90 & sunroof,
I expect would likely list between $43K & $45K.

If that is the MSRP, I will look very seriously at buying one –
say, in about 2.5 to 3 years – when I expect that the Actual Transaction Price will be close to MSRP.

I could be wrong.
[ Ask my ex-wife. ]
- Ray
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