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Originally Posted by garfin View Post
If anybody has any doubts about the LSA, then I'd suggest they make a point of arranging to test drive a CTS-V. I'm thinkin' that experience might answer any questions about that engine.

FWIW, GM had a number of cars for the "Disciples" to drive this past weekend at the Milford Proving Grounds and there were 2 CTS-Vs available for us to thrash around - a coupe and a sedan.
In a nutshell, all of the Disciples who drove 1 or both of them were blown away by the performance of the car!

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I got to to take one out one day that was brought in and we had to run it threw all the gears to test the trans...that was fun

Traction control was definitely a good idea, if you care about tires lol
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