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anyone know if the fuel port is compression or funel? thats the one part im still lacking on my set up

and here is alittle more info for you that came off a diffrent thread

Originally Posted by ROD1 View Post
1. Yup jets are off and not sure if they fixed it. Doubt they have. 55 shot = 17 fuel/36 nitrous 75 shot=19f/42n 100 shot=21f/46n 125 shot=24f/52n 150 shot= 27f/58n

2. Spark plugs are already a cold 6 so I went one colder (7). They are NKG LTR7IX-11

3. Zex claims 55 shot is safe without a tune but no more. Max ran his at the track and ran several dynos without a tune using a 100 shot. My guess is a 75 should be fine but its only a guess based on my own experience. Any more than that and you better get tuned.

The best person to ask for general advice is Scrmng. He has alot of experience with Zex nitrous.

Oh and by the way. The only thing that affects nitrous is humidity so, DA won't mean squat runnin it! As scrmng says, "it makes its own environment".
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