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Originally Posted by rickerda View Post
Unless GM changes direction, we should expect to see at least two trim levels on the Z28. One would be a bare bone pure muscle and the other fully loaded top end version. As for price, again I would predict GM’s behavior, based on their prior behavior, I think we can safely assume they will want to under price both the GT 500 and the SRT8 and still provide better performance and more horsepower.
What GM wants is the car is to be priced as high as possible and people still buy it. They will maximize their profit that way.

A 2010 SRT8 Challenger MSRP is $42,XXX. There is a 0% chance a premium, limited edition Camaro 2 years away will be under that. In fact, the 2010 GT500 is 5-10 thousand dollars more than an SRT8 Challenger. They're not even in the same class because of this price difference.

With Chrylers current dismal state, look for the Challenger to be discontinued within 2 years and the company fall into their inevitable bankruptcy again.

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