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Originally Posted by '10CamaroDude View Post
Humans suck. We seem to find no tranquillity in ANYTHING! We struggle against the
inevitable. We thrive on conflict. We are selfish, yet somehow value loyalty. We are
rash, quick to judge, slow to change. As species, we can find no common ground.
We are aggressive; too impulsive, too hostile, too militant.
Yeah, if that comment was meant toward me, people are also too soft, too quick to over react, and get their feelings hurt too easily. I have yet to see an apology episode of SNL, I was being sarcastic. I mean, I did kind of throw up a little (thatís a joke), but everyone has different taste. Some people are probably disgusted by things I do (my wife...daily basis) but I still do what pleases me and I would fully expect you to do whatever it is that pleases you. I was just trying to have a little fun with the OP, but I guess that isnít allowed in these rough times of TP shortage...never know if someone wiped with poison oak these days (also a joke)
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