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Originally Posted by HellionDarkLord View Post
try again
Maybe I was a little harsh, but I was just messing with you. Serious response....If you know someone who makes the parts required for that build, it is going to cost a lot of money, and if nobody makes the parts, itíll cost 4-5 times what production effects would cost. It also seems to me that it would add a lot of weight to the car. You will need to add bracing for that big of a front splitter, so the wind doesnít pull your front bumper down, off, and under your front tires while driving. The purple doesnít bother me, neither does the black, the wild body parts just arenít my style honestly, and it seems like a project that would cost a boat load and add weight to a portly car that most of us would like to remove weight from. If that rendering is your dream car, donít ask what others think, just go for it and be happy.
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