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Originally Posted by Sanjay Collins View Post
Wouldn't a 20 roll be in 1st gear? I know in my 6-speed I prefer to do 40 rolls because 40 MPH is right at 4k RPM's where the throttle opens at 100%. Usually nitrous setups don't kick in until halfway through second gear to avoid spinning. At least that is what I've seen.

What spark plugs do you guys recommend for nitrous?
yea a 20 roll would be first gear. 40 rolls would need to be done in 2nd gear because at 40 mph in first gear I'm about to hit redline which would not be ideal. anyone have any quarter mile times on a 100/75 shot? Or can you guys list some cars that you have beaten with you nos? i have multiple people who are always calling me out on my "v6 muscle car" so I'm hoping this nos will put some people in their places.
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