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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post

It produced the most power when it was released...and it STILL makes the most power...there was no bluffing, and no reason to be angry...what are you talking about?
What I'm talking about is perception. I would be happy to find out it had more power than first rated(Although I don't know why because it's not going to make it run any faster) ,but people will look at the 2010 as the one year the v-6 only had 304Hp. I bet once this all gets out and 2011's start showing up we'll see a thread started on here about someone with a 2010 saying something like" I was at the gas station the other day when a guy came up and ask "what motor you got?" ,when the op says" why a V-6", then the guy says" Is that a 2010 or 2011?" , op says" 2010" , guy says " man that sucks you got stuck with the low Hp one" .
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