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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
What is this ridiculous picture—some sort of Jews controlling American conspiracy? Don't promote that nonsense here.

Seriously, if you're hiding from the government, then you're probably doing something wrong. I don't like the idea of government spying on civilians. OnStar should require a warrant for any such activity to protect the rights of citizens.
Its a Freemason comment. If you look at the points of the triangles it spells out mason. Its well known that the founding fathers were freemasons. If you want to follow theories. It all goes back to the Knights Templar. Watch the movie National Treasure, Maybe the onstar will point you to buried treasure.

And for all of you who say you dont want big brother watching------ dont do anything illegal and you dont need to worry about it. Yeesh. Onstar is a good program. I have it.
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