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Side Mirrors with Flashing Turn Signals

updated 10-29-10

well here is a little experiment so far so good, trying different lighting options, using red LED's. let me know what you think, camera is not that great, it looks brighter than it really is.

ok got them done, 1st video is at night, again camera not that great, the lights look brighter than they really are in the night video. you can tell when you see the tail lights, obviously they are not that bright either.

2nd video is during the day, they look pretty much like the video.

update 1-3-12
here are some shots of others who have do it

this is by member 73vette

and this one by Marine1991

NOTES how to pop out the mirror to run wires


ok first pic below is with the LED fished thru the mirror already, i purchase these from autozone. they were the 6 led strip, i cut them to 3. by the way, i'm holding the mirror upside down.

Name:  100_3373.jpg
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here i have the door panel off, u can see the 3 nuts that hold the mirror.

Name:  100_3400.jpg
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below, u can see the hole at the top of the mirror.

Name:  100_3405.jpg
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below, fish 10 gage wire thru bottom toward the top hole in the mirror, i used a small hook, to pull wire out once i saw it

Name:  100_3406.jpg
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below, pull wire with LED attached, i taped them

Name:  100_3407.jpg
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now fish wire down the door, i had the speaker out so i could easily see it, and then tyrap the wire to the existing mirror wire harness

Name:  100_3409.jpg
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below, fish wire thru factory wire loom, you will notice that mine is cut, i had to do this when i installed the vertical doors, so it made it a lot easier for me. now i used the hole from when i remove the original door stopper. if you choose to do this, i'm thinking a small hole will have to be drilled just below the original harness that connect to door because that is an electrical connector.

Name:  100_3411.jpg
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wire is now in the car.

Name:  100_3416.jpg
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below, i put wire in a loom and taped.

Name:  100_3418.jpg
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below, light not on, this is during the day also.

Name:  100_3422.jpg
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this is light on. pretty visible

Name:  100_3423.jpg
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LED mounted to back of mirror,

Name:  100_3424.jpg
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once your get the wires inside, you have 2 choices that i know of, the one i chose was the tap into the front blinker wire, the front bulbs are easy to get to and the blue wire is the hot wire. i already had wire previously run into the car from the engine compartment when i had my dual halos hard wired to a switch inside the car. i now have a wireless remote so the wire were already there for me. you can also run them to the tail lights, i guess this way you would have to pull some interior side panels. im sure there is someone here on the forum who might know what wires to tap into without having to go all the way to the back.

well i just got back from our weekly camaro meet, everybody really digged them, they looked really cool driving at night, when i turned my blinker on,


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